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Monday, April 10, 2006

Post Sea Otter, the mud fest!

Well three days of racing sure makes me tired. Friday was a circuit race, 8 laps arounds the Laguna Seca Race track. I nice little climb and a 45+ mph cork screw descent. This race is so much fun. It last about 50 minutes. I didnt do that good this, somewhere in the top 15.

Saturday was the road race. The course was 46 miles with four laps out at the Ford Ord millitary base. Each 10 mile loop had 1000 feet of climbing, we had to do four loops. Pretty tuff course. We lost over half of the field on the first lap. And they just kept droping off climb after climb. We were over half way on the second lap when I decided to make a break for it. I hit it real hard and got a few second gap. 3 miles later I had a 20 second gap. So I just kept my head down and see if I could make it to the end. At one piont I had a 40 second lead. It was a hill top finish, 2+ miles long with a couple of steep sections, so I knew I still had alot work to the finish. Well I get to the top and 5 feet from the fininsh line I got passed. I was so bumbed.

Sunday was the cross country mtb race. 2 laps at 19 miles each lap with 3200 feet of climbing. I couldn't believe how much mud was on the course. It started to sprinkle before the start. We started about 1:20 pm. And we were off with a half lap on the race course and on to the mud fest. As always everybody starts out so fast. As didn't want to blow up so i decided to hold back some. The single track was very slippery and wet all the way. There were alot of section where people were walking there bike because of the mud. It was pretty exiting and tuff. I took three pairs of sunglasses with me because of all the mud, but it was so muddy they would only stay clear for a muniute or so. I ended crashing about 5 times. The crashes wren't to bad and didn't get hurt, only a few bruses. I eneded up passing everybody on the second lap that took of like crazy and ended up 7th place. I was so tired after this race and just laid on the ground for at least 5 minutes before I got and moved around some.
Man what a tuff weekend. I feel pretty good today but have some deep fatigue to get rid of. I have been taking my recover ease product and it has been great. I have noticed to the differnce in my recovery time. So I will be back up traing again here in a few days getting ready for 24 hours of Adrenilan on May 13th and 14th.

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