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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Amazing what a little and a lot of rest will do!

So after my epic week I was forced to take a couple days easy. Monday was 45 min swimming then eat, eat, and eat more, then sleep. I did manage to get up on Tuesday mornng and do 1/2 hour of core and run for 30 minutes. After work when I got home I devoured the kitchen and slept from 4-6. Got up and ate some more and went to bed at 7. Then got up at 9 and ate some more. So I got a total of 4500 calories and 12 hours of sleep last night. SWEET! I'm glad I did rest because last time I tried to push through I got burnt out hard and took me awhile to get back into the groove.

This morning I got a 1 hour run in and will swim and bike tonight.

My second back up bike for 24 hours is almost ready. Just waiting to get my new Hayes disc brake in and it will be fininshed. Then both Blurs will be ready to rip up some dirt.

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