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Friday, April 14, 2006

ITS FRIDAY!!!!! Yesterday was a good training day. 30 min core followed by 30 min run and then an 1.5 hour hammer fest. Averaged a little over 20 mph. And then off to work. After work was another bike hammer fest. I did the trek 2300 with my power tap pro to do some wattage work. Nice 10 min warm up and then 300 watts intervals. The first 2 were 5 min. with a few minutes rest. Then 3 x 20 minutes at 300 watts average. Feels good afterwords. I had some workouts scheduled this morning but couldn't get up. But I did manage a good swim

W/u 300, 2x200, 3x100 steady
main set
1900 straight (2x400 steady, 100 recover in between then 2x400 w/ paddles 100 recover in between). Then off to work

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