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Friday, June 02, 2006

No Gas

SO I head out for my Thursday bike ride. I will usually do intervals and hill work. The intervals will last 20-40 minutes. But not today. I got half way thru the first set and my legs are toast. So decided to skip the intervals and just ride. I ended up with 3 hours and 56 miles. Its really hard not to ride hard in this area because of the north wind that blows 30+ mph everyday in the afternoons. So the last section was real tuff. I decided to call it a day after that.

On this ride since I had some time to think about what deos it take to to be an elite athlete. I know for me its real hard with a full time job working 40-45 hours a week. The amount of work and hours one has to put in are pretty scary to think about. The interval work, the hill work, long staedy stat work, and all this not just on the bike but running and swimming too. For me I know I have to keep going day after day and woprkout after workout. I know if I dont get 4-6 workouts in each discipline each week I will start to loose that fitness. Yes there are weeks, like this one where I dont get the folume Im looking for. But I keep the same amout of workouts. I always do this kind thinking on my slow weeks. I rember when I started working out and the gains were huge. I was was gaing minutes from year to year. BUt know to even gain a few seconds is real hard because the amount of work invilved to increase those few seconds hurts like hell. BUt Iknow for me i will have to keep going and try to push the body to the next level, what ever that will be only time will tell.

On another thought Im always get told how crazy or insane I am. I dont think Im that crazy just that I work real hard at what I want in life. I look at it like Im only going to get one chance at this and you have to go for it when you can. And Im going for it, giving it 110%. But one thing I will have to say for the people that say Im insane or Im going to kill my self. I just have to laugh because if you look at what people eat or there health stile really who killing them selves. They smoke, drink, and eat all the wrong stuff and dont exercise. So to all those people who think Im insane you might want to look at your own life and see who's really killing themselves. Just some random thoughts. See ya!

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