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Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend of 6-12

SO after a nice week of resting up I wanted to upon it up with back to back big cycling day's. I was hoping it was hotter but it wasnt. I head to Santa Cruz on Saturday to get in alot of longer climbing. I start from Santa Cruz and head north on HWY 1. Then go Rt on Boony Doon road all the way to Empire Grade. Lt on Empire GRade and then Rt on JAmisin Creak, Lt on HWY 236, lt on hwy 9, Lt on SKy line, Rt on 84 in La Honda. Not sure about the road but I made a right at the bottom of 84 to hit page mill back up to sky on sky line, rt on hwy9, rt on hwy 236, rt on Jamison, lt on Empire GRade, rt on bonny doon, lt on hwt 1. In all 140 miles with 12000 feet of clibing. Nothing exiting to report. There was alot of fog at LA Handa so I had to change my route some. Didnt have to stop much and took alot of food with me. Im really liking the burito thing know. I will make potatoe and a litler bit of egg whites in a butito to eat on the way and all I have to do is stop fpr water and maybe some food but not much.

Sunday I decided to back it up again and go for it. So I went to king City to park And head to Coalinga and see if I cant find some heat. The route is Bitterwater rd, Lt on hwy 25, rt on Coalinga rd witch turn into Los Gatos Rd,rt on derrick, 1 lt, rt on HWy 198 into Coalinga to re fuel. Sam route on the return. It was foggy fro the first hour and then cleared up nicely. There is fire station 25 mile after leaving KIng City where I fill up on water for the last stop to Coalinga. I like this route because very little to no traffic. The road are a bit rough. Some little 5-10 minute climb but nothing to bad. ONce I got 30 mile from Coalinga I have found what I've been looking for, 90 deg +, oh ya. By the time I started to head back it got in the upper 90. Not as hot as I would of liked but beggers cant be choosers. Overall a good ride. It was real hard to get my heart up except on the hills but still didn't get that high. I was real tired towards the end of the ride and could barley muster up 130 bpm on the heart rate moniter. Glad I didn't take my power meter, man those would off been some low numbers. But the overall picture was just to make it. It took a little over 8.5 hours with a 30 minute stop in coalinga for lunch and refule and a 20 minutes stop at the firestation on the way back to bullshit with on of the firefighter boys. My confindence and morale are real high when I do stuff like this. So I will be taking alot of recover ease the next few days to help me recover and get back to traing hard and heavy.

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