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Friday, June 23, 2006

Tuff week

It has been a tuff week. I feel at this point my body wants to peak and get a little rest. All I have to do is keep this up 5 more weeks intel 24 hour National Championship at the end of July. I can do it but its going to be tuff. Plus I have to be careful and not to burn out at this piont. I havent been exercising much and trying to recover for the next and final push into the ultimate fitness to kiss some ars. Yesterday I took the hole day off and today will be light with an hour swim and 45 minutes running. The days here are sure getting hot. The last few days have been close or right at 100 deg. So looks like I will be getting some good heat training in. I have a triathlon I will be doing on July 9th. Its an Olympic size triathlon. I get a free entry because Granite Construction co., the company I work for, supplies them with signs and cones.

Some new news is that I have picked up another products sponser, mmmmmmm pasta, I eat pasta about four times a week so its going to be very nice of FiberWise to help me out.

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