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Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend of 6-3-2006

So its was a tuff week last week. I was really tired and decided to take it easy.. Hell who am I kidding, it was a forced rest week. I was blown out. Its funny because I really never had a planned rest week that I could remeber. Its always go hard and go long intel my body say's "please no more Brian" Although I have a funny story of last weekend before I go into detail of this weekend. So me and Amanda went up north for the weekend to her sisters graduation dinner. We usually stay at my Mom & Dads, wich they live in Madison. SO on Saturday I was going to do A road ride that I have done before but never finished, not because I couldn't but because I ran out of time. The ride took about 10 hours and is about 140 miles.. Its a long day. This route is pretty and very out in the middle ofno where. The route: I leave Madison and head south towards winters. In Winters I take a right on HWY 128. You will past right by Lake berryessa on your rt. Cant rember what road it is but you will make a rt and head towards lake berryessa. You follow that for a while and instead of going to the lake you will go straight like your going towards Napa. And then at this little lake you turn rt on POe Valley RD. This road is so gorgous and theres pratically no traffic. The first part you climb is unbelivably senic. Its in a narrow canyon with a creek right next to it. Once you get to the top it faltnes out for a long time. After going thru Pope Vally I startd this little climb and herd a horn beeping constinly. My first thought was a car being broken into but then realized in was someone trap in a car down a short cliff. I got off my bike and headed toward the car and there was a girl in it in the back seat. She was honking the horn with her foot. I couldn't smell any gas so that was a good thing and she was not bleeding. She could talk and was very consciuos but shook'n up pretty good. After seing everything was ok I went to the rod to get help. I stopped this nice man who had to drive back down the hill to find a house to call help since our cell phones didn'y work. So talk to women some more to keep her calm and make sure she didn't go into shock. Well help arrived so I took off. Im not sure how she was but I hope her well. Then I was of again. The weather was smoking hot so this was good. I need to get some hot days in for the 24 Nathional MTB race in Wisoncin in the end of July. After you get past Pope VAlley it rolls along and you go thru a pretty big city intel you run intio HWY 20. MAke a right and just keep going, and going, and going. I bet the temp hit a 100 deg easy. After a while you come to HWY 16, go rt and its 40 more miles and Im home. I had somwher to be so I had my dad drive me 5 miles from Davis to run the rest of the way. Man it was smoking hot. It was only a few minutes after running that I already was cramping. BUt I had no choice to finish since my Dad was already heading home. Good Day.

ON Sunday we drove home and I felt prettty good so I figure some more good torture. I jumped oN the bike with my running gear and headed to the pinnacles for sone trail running. The bike ride is only 25 miles but has 3200 feet of climbing. Once I got to the pinnacles it was 2.5 hours in the inferno. 100+ deg. OOps I forgot about the 1.25 hours swim before heading out.

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