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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We need to quit killing ourselves

I can remember 6 years ago, weighing 240 lbs and growing. The realization of my weight really didn't hit me intel I out grew my pant size and my next size was going to be a size 38. I said " enough is enough" and decided to loose some weight, a lot of weight. Toady I weight 165-170, that's 70 lbs of excess baggage I was carrying around. As I look back and just think of how I ate and what I ate just blows me away. All the fast food, restaurant food and un healthy store bought food. It is amazing how good I look compared to 6 years ago. I really was never taught how to eat, or the right foods to eat and when to eat them intel I really got into exercising and racing and a higher level. My first health book was Body for Life. This book changed my life. The way I ate and what I ate. My next book was on Trans Fat, or better known as partially hydronated oils. It is a small book and didn't take long to read but WOW! What and eye opener. Who would of thought the company's you trust and recognize as healthy foods to feed you and keep us healthy is really killing us. And to found out all because of money and greed. Its in almost everything you find in the grocer stores. Just look in your pantry and you will be amazed at how many products have it in it. Company are required to label it on labels know. But they don't have to if its under a certain amount. What's up with that? Like I said it all has to do with money and greed. My wife, Amanda, when we first met she always had stomach problems and would get sick all the time. But know since we changed a lot of what we eat and eat mostly organic foods and cook all our meals from scratch and not out of a box. She no longer gets sicks like that anymore. I tell you these big company's are killing us with all there toxic foods. Another book I've been reading is Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau. Yes you have to take it with a grain off salt but I believe a lot of it is true and he has some good products that are all natural. Its amazing how good I feel and Im never sick. I wouldn't eat any other way today knowing what I know about the food industries and the bad ingredients they use in there products. And to think that there labels say how healthy they are on them is a big lie. I will use cereal as and example: You look at most top name brands like General Mills, Post , and look at there ingredient list. You will see partially hydronated oil in there, just blows me away. Here they are suppose to be healthy and good for you. People have been feeding it to there children for years, and eating it them selves. Again here we rely on company's to provide us will good stuff and not be so un truthful. It makes me so made that even the FDA allows allows all lof this, The agency that's suppose to be protect us. The company we pay to have protect us. Again its all about money and greed. Anyway that's my rant on that for today. As you can see I feel very strongly about my food, because who else is going to care, NOBODY. Take care.

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Amanda said...

Good job writing this one! I know I fight you on this some days - its so difficult to undo a lifetime of bad habits and a way of thinking. Thanks for being patient with me about it! I love you :)