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Monday, January 15, 2007

Its been real cold here, even cold for California. Low teens and doesn't get that warm during the day. I have noticed a lot of ponds in my area are even frozen all day. I've never seen that before. Its still not cold enough to keep me away from training. I had a big weekend of training and went good. IM not very powerful right now and don't want to be yet. That will come in time and it;s still to easily to hit the hard stuff. I've been doing a lot of steady stuff and I am starting to feel powerful enough to get in some good climbing soon. In the area I live in there are not to many people that train around here. If I want to train with others or even see anybody train I have to drive 30-60 minutes away. I have to go to Salinas/Monterey or Santa Cruz. SO I have top do all my training as a loner. But that's cool with me, either way It's something you have to do with or without others. So IM almost done with my mountain bike ride on Sunday, IM atop Gloria grade (dirt road that goes over to why 25) just kicking and enjoying the view. I start to hear 2 voices down the mountain, well turns out to be a guy and a girl on there road bikes going the back way to King City. I was in shock. Cool to see someone else out there but shocked.

The Soledad pool if unofficially closed at this time for renovation, although they still allow me to swim when I can, very nice of them. But the turned the heater off a little over a week ago and the water is starting to turn my balls blue. SO yesterday it was 69 degree;s, although feels colder than that. I took my full wetsuit yesterday and was perfect, execpt my hands froze. I did end up doing 4000 meters though so that was good. The life guard who watches over me while I swim ask me isn't the weather cold or colder than it is now, I said yes, but your racing, you really don't notice it. Its different when training I think.

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