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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cold Sweats

So on Monday night I wake up about 12:30 am and Im just sweating like I just ran a half marathon. The bed is all wet, Im burning up. The thermostat say's 58 deg. in the house. This is a good sign that Im working out to hard and need to get my heart rate down more during the workouts. This should only happen when racing and doing speed/tempo work. So I have to be careful. Im been putting in some good weeks and the weight workouts are going good. I've been increasing the amounts everyweek and deosn't feel to overtaxing. I cant wait intel the race season start, Im so lloking forward to it.

I have a 24 MTB race in MAy, June, and September. I get all exited thinking about it.

Base training has been good, kind of cold some day's but the rain has stayed away. It doesn't get any better than this for winter. Temperatures are in the low30 and 65's for the high. I will start to increase my long rides and run for the next few months. My long rides will be on saturday or Sunday. I will start with a 5 hour ride and increase it 1 hour each week. So on the third week it will 7 hours in length. Well thats it for know.

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