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Friday, January 19, 2007

So thing are getting interesting. My volume is starting to increase as the fatigue is starting to set in. Last night I snapped at the wife for some lame reason. Well I know why, getting shelled, I'm love'n it. On Saturday I did 200k, Sunday was 120k on the MTB, and this week I have 3-90k bike rides. So far since Saturday that put me at 640k so far. Runing I'm at 58k and very little swimming. I did 3 hours of lower body weights. I got so big stuff planned this weekend. I will tell all this Monday. So get prepared my love, Mr. grumpy is on his way home.

Some thoughts that come to mind when seeing how far one can push themselves. I do notice it gets real tough to finish workouts mentally, and emotionally. Its easy to talk yourself out of workouts. I could see why doing an epic camp would be nice. Just not in the budget for me. Most of the workouts from here on out are just do them and not worry about intensity. If i get to far out there intensity wise I would quit, gets to hard so I have to watch it. I try and keep my heart beat under 145 for all workouts. Although seems at this point almost impossible to get it that high, and keep it there. I'm still trying to watch my diet and not eat the house down every night. But also make sure I get enough calories in not to crash energy wise. Try and healthier stuff but it hard when I'm this tired, I will hit the more carb loaded stuff, pasta, home made almond joy nuggets that I started to make from hole organic ingredients, allot of salads and fruits and vegetables. I'm going through allot of high and lows the last few weeks, but I know I need to keep going because after all this I will gain huge amounts of fitness to Carry me through the year, and that's what its about. Improvement, not only physically but mentally, and that what it takes to get through 24 hour racing is allot of mental breakthroughs.

That's all for know. My fingers are tired and my brain hurts from this thinking....

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