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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Took Monday off from training but hit it pretty good this morning with a nice early morning run followed by a hard session of lower body weights. I'm starting to feel real strong from all training from the weekend and just feel great mentally from finishing all the riding. Its always nice to set some goals and follow through with them. I am still cautious lately with my training because of my not so stellar year last year and don't want to burn out like that. It really set in the back of my mind all the time and have to get past that. I know I have to keep plugging alone and not to burn so many matches during my training and save it for racing, doesn't mean I'm not going to train my ass, I will train and train hard but not race myself every weekend like last year. I fill I will gain more fitness this way, slow but steady. Right know I have been feeling good and not always wiped out during my workouts and able to finish almost all of them.

Well looks like I will be adding another addition to the bike family. Pretty sweet! The website says a little of 24 lbs. I have to workout the financial part of it but looks good. I might have to sell 1 of the blurs to do this but it would be worth it.

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