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Monday, February 12, 2007

First race of the year. I was somewhat sceptical because of the rain but it was nice. There where a few puddles and the bike did get dirty but hell its a mountain bike race. The Blur help up flawlessly as usual. So the race started off pretty hard as usual, everybody hammers to get up front before the single track. The race was 5 laps about 25 minutes each lap. On the first lap I lost the lead group of about 7 riders, I did catch 1 or 2 riders but not sure. I didn't even stay long even after the race to find out what I placed, it really didn't matter to me, we'll it did matter but I was just glad I finished the race and felt good about it. I did spend 90% of the race alone so it seem like for ever. I did miss calculate the time we were going to be out there, I thought a little over an hour but turned out to be a tad over 2. I took 1 Carb Boom and figured it would be enough. The last lap was tough to finish, felt really wasted. It was nice to see some friends I haven't seen since last year and get to catch up on what every body's been up too. Anyway the race for me was a big pain fest, I was on the verge of cramping the hole way it seemed like. It was the hardest I've done workout in the last 2.5 months, hurt like hell but felt good. If you like to race or train hard you would know want I mean. I have taken the last 2.5 just steady to easy and nothing over 145 bmp heart rate. Well I fell I'm ready to start up a nice build period to my main races in May 5Th at the Cool 24 hour race, and 24 race at Laguna Seco in June. There still are plenty more races in between witch gives me some great intensity along the way. I did this 2 years ago and worked out great, and as they say why change a good thing.

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