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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Things are going good. This last weekend was amazing, first time in months I didn't have layers and layers of clothes to keep warm on the bike. I rode all day in shorts and a short sleeve shirt, working on the tan in February, only in California. It was in low 80's.

On Saturday I did 6 laps of the 24 hours of Adrenalin course at Laguna Seco race way. 10,000 feet of climbing, The laps were around 55 minutes just cruising, nothing hard. I was surprised I didn't see more people out there. On Sunday rode to Hunter Ligget toward HWY 1 where the wife met me and we went for a trail walk. I love it over there. Just keeping things consistant, I think that's the key in training and wanting to improve. I look at it as putting miles in the bank as how I have been looking at it lately. I'm making huge deposits in order to make huge withdrawal's come race day. It's a weird analogy but true. Looks like rain is coming this week so this will get interesting training wise. It's tough enough o get out there when it's cold, but wet and cold is another story.

I will have to think off new and improved motivations to get off my ass. Maybe I dangle a bag of cookies in front of me, think that will work? I do!

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