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Thursday, February 01, 2007

I feel even better today and I am ready to hit it hard again. I did a 30 minute run followed by a 45 minute core and back workout and felt great. I'm really started to come together. I signed up for both 24 hours of Adrenalin races at Laguna Seca, Monterey , The first one is on June 9th and the world championship is on September 1st. I made it just in time for the cut off for the discounted price. I think you got 15 more days left for the World championship in September. Not much else to report. I will be still doing weights next week and will up the total amount and lower the reps. I will 4 sets of 15 on week then 4 sets of 20 the following week. Its been working great so far. I was told last night that the pool might be officially closed in 3 weeks. That sucks! The swim last night was a 2000 meter swim broken up as 5x200, 200 rt arm only, 200 lt arm only, 3x200. The water temp was a freezing 62 Deg. Froze my ass off. But I stayed warm enough to think I can start swimming 4000-5000 meters again since I got some more wetsuit cloths. I will be going long again this weekend and also promised the wife to take her on a hike in the back country somewhere so looking forward to some weekend time with the wife.. See its not all about training, it's about keeping everybody happy. Plus valentines day is coming and have to think off something cool to do foe her this year since I failed last year.

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