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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I see hard workouts in my near future. I have been doing allot of hard work these past few months and have made been improvements in some areas and still have to work on others. I find it real difficult to always take it easy and rest when I need to. I kind of see things black or white, on or off, hard or easy. I think last 2 years were nothing but hard, hammer all the time. I gained allot endurance and strength out of it but I became so fried by the end and middle of the year. This hole process of training and becoming on top off your game is very tough to figure out sometimes. There are always so many factors that you have to look at in order to be at the top of your game on race day. But you cant do it throughout the hole season anymore, to many people are focusing on certain races to peek and if your just a little of your game your toast. So I see so many people only focusing on certain races and not extending themselves to far. Look at the pros doing the Tour De France, Or Giro, Veluto, these guys only race a few races leading up to the race and then peek for these races. There early season races seem to be just to fine tune themselves. Most of the time they don't even place. Well you got your few freaks out there, Lance Armstrong, Eddie Merx, who won just about everything they raced, but they are the very few who can pull shit like that off. SO i am just a weekend warrior who is just trying to work his ass off to achieve some level of anarchy, I never really set out to achieve the goals I have today buy it sure has been an awesome experience to get where I am at today. It was that long ago when I was 240 lbs and did nothing to exercise. I started out just trying to loose weight. So after awhile I wanted to do a running race (10k), I almost placed in my age group my first race and was so exited. I guess that's where it all started. I sure didn't know then that I would be where I am at today because of that day. But this path of exercising, racing, training has brought so much good stuff in my life and wouldn't change It for the world. I get off on telling people what I do and they just can't even imagine, and don't want to what kind of work it takes to be at the top level. I think sometimes they don't even believe me most of the time. I'm sure glad for all the friends I have mad through all this too. There have been allot of sacrifices I have mad allot of sacrifices since I decided to see how far I can go with the racing and training. My friends and family are the ones who have had to suffer the most witch is hard to do. I miss seeing my friends an family. It helps also that they support me 100% in this crazy journey I have chosen. without them it would be hard, but nice to know I have there support.
I am writing all this because yesterday I was ask if I could speak at my local chamber of commerce in April so it has sparked allot of different thoughts that I going to have to write down. I will be talking about how I got started in all this and what I have achieved so far. So I hope in the long run I will have changed one person life for the good.

Yesterday was a hard day, I hit lower body weights real good in the morning and a 50 minute run. Aster work I took the bike up to the pinnacle and just hammered myself with hill repeats at 10-18% grade. The route is only 25 miles from the house and back but has 3000 feet of climbing. So there's no easy way around it. So today I am paying the price, hobbling around like an old lady. These next to weeks are going to hurt! At least i hope:)

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