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Friday, February 23, 2007

Its been two weeks since my last post. Things are going good, its frustrating this time because I feel I just don't have the power like I used to. I did the cccx races the last 2 weekend and placed 6 place both times, I figured I would off done better. So I have been questioning my tactics so far this year and kind of don't really know what to do. I wonder at some point have my workouts not have enough intensities in them. Who knows. Even my buddy Miles Wadsworth is kicking my ass all over ford ord races. I envy him at this point. I'm hoping at this point I would fair better when some of the races are over at Toro park with the hilly course. I'll keep doing what I've been doing because I feel I'm getting stronger and I still have allot of racing to go. It just sucks to loose. I do remember doing allot more group rides before but the last year and a half I have been training alone, so I might step up the amount of group riding to get some race intensities in.

Some good stuff on my sponsors. I receive my new Blur last night from ups. Anodized silver and the new xtr group. Took all I had not to put it together last night and go for a ride. I dreamed about it all night. Also going into 2007 I will have Recover-Ease, Carb-boom, and Granite Construction as to help me out this year. Thanks Everybody. I will try and post some pics of the new bike this weekend. Also really need a digital camera. Just a odd thought there. So I am hoping with the new bike will step me up a notch to at least hold on to Miles wheel com March 3rd, watch out buddy, I'm taking you

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