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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I got the new bike all together and took a bunch of pictures, I will try to upload them sometime this week. What a sweet ride, has all the new new shimano parts, Race face bar, thompson seat post and stem. It weighs in at 24.5 with some big tires it came with, I will change those muddies soon. Probably loose a half pound there. But man its going to be a sweet ride for the 24 hour event. This bike will rip up any course weather it be short or long course. It handles great and responds great in the corners. Even climbs good.
Just got of a rest week and now back to serious stuff for the next to weeks. I will be racing these next 2 weekends at ford Ord. Well the race on the 10Th is at Toro Park near Salinas. They have point results up for the last 2 races. Here are the standing so far. I am in 5Th overall right know. I had 2 six place finishes so far. Not as good as I would like but My overall pictures is my 24 hour races. These help with working on high heart rate intervals. It will tie in with my endurance come race day.
I took some pictures of me swimming at the pool the last night, I think people will get a kick out of them. The pool has been hovering 60 degree's, it takes a full wetsuit and a top pull over with a hood and an extra hood and gloves just to make it through and hour swim. It makes me laugh every time I look at myself before going into the pool. The dedication to my sport is in no short supply!

There's only 1 point separating 1st and 2nd place. Miles Wadsworth has an impressive start with a third place overall so far, not far from second place. I am in 5th place 3 points behind Anthony Leal from Buy-Cell. These group is really tough with some fast guys. Like I said Miles is real fast this year and getting faster, you have Brock Dickie is is very strong. Plus Mike Holt is right on my tail with only 2 points down. I have allot of work to get ahead, and stay ahead of these animals

Keith DeFiebre
Brock Dickie
Myles Wadsworth
Anthony Leal
Brian Sevall
Mike Holk
Scott Zavack
Cesar Chavez
Mike Doyle
David Allen
Evan Adams
Ruben Villareal
Geoff Luttrell
Bryce Renshaw
Matt Jordan
Tim Cannard
Don Palermini
Ian Allen