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Thursday, May 18, 2006

24 Hour report

Well after a couple of days to think about the race and what happened, I think I felt really good going into the race. I was rested, did all the necessary training to do good. We arrived at the race on Saturday morning to finish setting up our spot and get everything in order. All week my wife and I have been talking strategy and what we were going to do. And we continued to talk about it right up until the race started. The race meeting was at 8:45 and the race started at 10:00. The first part is about .25 mile run to our bike and then ride as long as you can for 24 hours. This was my second 24 hour MTB event and the first one I won at, so I had very high expectations. I tried to finish the run comfortable and steady. Got on the bike and just tried to keep real. The first few laps I felt really good and was just flying. After that for some reason I would stop at the pit area for 10-15 minutes just wandering around, so I made too long of my pit stops. Well the night came and the lights went on the bike. I forgot to mention that I ended up getting a mechanic to help me from Bob Cats Bicycles in Salinas. His name is Chuck, really cool guy and knows his stuff. I used both Santa Cruz Blur bikes for this race. Having a mechanic there was the way to go. I changed the bike out almost every third lap. So on the night I went. After a while I started to feel pretty bad. Unlike last year where I would force myself to eat. All else felt pretty normal and what you would expect from a 24 hour event. My pit stops were still too long and getting longer. I would get really cold and it was hard to warm up and get going. So from now on I will not even get of my bike unless I need to change or something. Everything seem to work like clock work though. I always had food and water for me, but just didn't take any. The funny thing is that when I was out there on the course that's all I could think about, getting back to transition area to eat something but when I got there I didn't want to eat anything. My wife was just unbelievable, always had what I needed and wanted. She was so supportive ( as always ) and helped me when ever I needed it. My wife is the one of the reasons I can and am doing what I do. My mechanic was so good. Always had a clean bike and shifted like a dream. It was all working out great until I hit my 17th laps and all hell fell about, well I mean I fell apart. I got so behind on my calorie intake and my body started to shut down. This was at 4 am in the morning. I think I had about the same amount of calories in 17 hours as I would of on my 8 hour rides. You just cant to that and hope to have a good result. So toward the end of the lap my knees started to hurt so bad and my stomach pretty much shut down with everything else. When I got back to the transition area I laid on the ground in pain for 90 minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. So 17 laps and 6th place. I was so devastated, and depressed at my performance. I really felt bad because it felt like I let my wife and crew down, who put so much effort out there for me. All because I wouldn't listen and eat when they told me I should. I'm so very sorry. I had put a lot of pressure on myself this race because I wanted to do good for my sponsors and family and friends who put up with me so much throughout the year and I just felt like I let them down. I know I didn't but it felt like it. After I was able to get my butt off the ground, we packed up and headed home.

Some random thoughts about the race. I know for next year I will not get off the bike unless I have to switch bikes or change clothes. I will also have my crew stuff my jersey pockets full with food to eat on the course. So will see what happens. I'm sure there's more but I can't give away all my secrets!

I started trains on Tuesday evening with a 3 hours ride and felt really good. I think it's the recover-ease that helps me so much. I just cant believe I feel this good and I am not totally wiped out. Thanks Recover-Ease!

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Amanda said...

You did the best you could babe and it was still better than most! You are an amazing athlete and an even more amazing competitor. It made me proud to be out there with you because you are so good to your competitors and have such a great attitude :) You always stay steady and I think we've both learned so much from this race! I know you're going to do awesome this weekend and I'm looking forward to helping you kick some butt!! I love you :)