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Friday, May 05, 2006


Well yesterday was an easy training day. I swam 3000 meters in 1 hour. I just can't seem to get my swim down anymore. I remember last year I was doing a lot of 4500-6000 meters each swim. I have been trying different things but can't seem to get it right. My first thought is maybe I didn't take enough of a break after my first Ironman in September. Went straight into base. Anyway today is a run and a swim after work. I've been taking my recovery ease every day and have been feeling really good. Only one more week until 24 HOA SOLO!!! Oh yeah, I can taste it already.

My new Hayes disc brakes were at the front door last night. So of to Bobcats bicycle shop they went today. I just take them to Bobcats and the new addition to the family is ready. It's a Santa Cruz Blur, just like my other MTB soft tail. It has XT components. Easton handle bar and seat post, and the seat I won from the Downiesville Classic. I can't wait to test ride it this weekend.

Man it's going to be tough on me and my wife espcially because of this week being my easiest week of training this year so far.

Also, I will be getting a digital camera this weekend hopefully. That's going to be cool! And alot of stuff is still left to do for 24 HOA.

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