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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I wonder if it will ever warm up?

I hit a low spot in my training after this weekend. After my ride in the rain on Sunday things went down hill some. For what reason, I'm not sure. I ran Monday morning for 1 hour but felt really wiped out. I did do 9 hours on Saturday but I didn't think it was that tough. On Monday after work, when I got home I pretty much devoured the fridge and pantry. Then went to bed really early. I also took Tuesday morning off from training and just slept. But that afternoon I was having trouble getting going after work to go train. But I knew I had to get out there and do something. So I planned on a 3 hour ride and do some running speed work. Once I started biking I was fine after my warm up and felt good. I did tempo work 20 minutes on a few minutes rest all the way to Arroyo Seco lakes. I stayed seated on the small hills and high cadence. On the way back same tempo work but stood up on the hills and did hard peddling with high cadence. Total of 3 hours and 56 miles. Jump off the bike and hammered out 4x1600 meter repeats. I was smoked. 6 miles total running about 45 minutes. I like this workout alot. Cleans out the system.

Wednesday was easy with a 5000 meter swim. Broke down as 600, 4x150. Main set was 12 x300 steady/smooth, every 3rd set w/ paddles. 200 cd. 1.5 hours. I was wanted run but was pretty tired so I change the cables on the MTB bike for a race this weekend. The race is put on by It's the 12 Hours of Weaverville. This was a last minute race to do. I'm really looking forward to it and I feel really ready.

This morning was 1.5 hours of running steady to easy and 45 minutes core and upper body. I started to do weights again and one thing I noticed is how strong I was 3 months ago when I stopped. So I want to start again just not as much as I was doing. Maybe 2 times a week or what ever I can fit in.

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