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Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend wrap up

Only 5 days left until 24 HOA. This was one of the easiest training weekends in a long time. But rest is what is needed to gain all the training that I have been doing. It's still real hard not to go out and train hard because it's what I've been doing all year. Saturday I had to work so no training. I did get some stuff out of the attic for the 24 HOA. Sunday was 5000 yds in the pool and 3.5 hours on the mountain bike. I did three loops of the old National 24 hour loop. It was real hot and I got severly sunburned on my shoulders. I wore my triathlon skin suit with no sleeves to see how it would work. Wearing the camel back and the skin suit was different. It did rub on my shoulders some but after a few hours couldn't even tell it was there. Then off to pick up the new Blur. I didn't get a chance to ride it but I will today.

I've been feeling really strong the last few days and I am very tempted to go out and test myself but I will have to wait until race day. I don't want to do anyhthing stupid a few days out from my A race. I did manage to do 30 minutes of stretching and a 45 minute jog. I have been taking my recover-ease every day and it is working really well. I always feel so strong the next day after hard workouts. Also it says to take 4 a day two weeks leading up to the race. Well back to work.

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