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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pre riding 24 Hours of Adrenalin course

The race course start is at Laguna Seca and goes into the Ford Ord area. Its a 10 miles or so long with about 2,000 feet of climbing. So I decided to pre-ride the course to familiarize myself with all the turns and dips, grooves and do some night riding. Even though my wife advised against me riding in the dark with it being a work night and all. So I hit the trail at 5:30 and wanted to do 4 laps. I took the first lap real slow being its been awhile since I rode out at Ford Ord. The trail is in real good condition with a few bad spots you have to be careful on. I noticed there were some big grooves on the trail from the sea otter. Not many but some. A few times my tire got caught in them and almost crashed. I kept having to tell myself not to get hurt this close to the race. There are some sandy spots also but that's pretty normal for there. And my favorite part is the grind back to the race track area, oh ya I love to climb. I noticed this year Im a lot stronger than last year. I remember going up the grind in the big ring and three over from the left on the rear. Don't ask me what gear ratio that is because I have no idea. This year was the fourth gear from the left. Plus I had a head wind. The next 2 loops I did the national chapionship old course, which they're not doing this year. The third lap I put on the lights, it was 7:30. Turned on the light and headed out again. Although it was still light but just wanted to test the battery for a couple hours. By the finish of the third lap it was pretty dark. The last lap was the same as the first. The last three laps I rode real hard and attacked on the hill. Oh ya I was even able to stay in the big ring going up hurl hill. That was a first also. But I don't think I should attempt that for 25 laps on race day. I'm crazy but not stupid. Well, most the time. Now I will be trying to rest and recover for the next ten days. I will keep swimming, biking, and running but no 8+ hour days. Mainly just focus on good quality stuff with not a lot of recovery time. I feel I'm very ready I will have a good shot at being on the podium, depending on who shows up.

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