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Monday, May 01, 2006

Training in different areas

It's always nice to go somewhere different and train. We went to see my Mom & Dad in Madison over the weekend. So it was a good time to see some sites. On Saturday I dedcided to do a loop. Go towards Lake Berryessa and Clear Lake and back to Madison. I looked on the map and was thinking a good 5 hour and about 100 miles. WOW! was I wrong. I had somewhere to be afterwords so towards the end of the ride I had to call in for a ride or I never would have made it. Thanks DAD! I ended up riding 8 hours in the saddle. I would have to say close to 130 miles. This was a nice ride. Most of the time you were right next to a creek or river that had running water in it. So I was really never worried about running out of water. I got low on water at one time climbing this grade but at the top of the hill they will have these pipes sticking out if the mountain with water comming out of them, pretty cool. I would have to say this is was the hottest ride of the year so far. The only bad thing is my knee was hutring on Sunday so I couldn't run at all. And being out of town always sucks because I couldn't get to much training in like I wanted to.

Only two weeks until 24 HOA. :)

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