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Sunday, May 20, 2007

cccx race report. Out of the 9 races series you have to do at least 6 races and the final totaling 7 races. Yesterday I finish my sixth race so I really dont have to race anymore if I dont want to. Im glad for that. They were getting real tuff, they are real hard and its an all out hammer fest for 1.5 hours. I really dont train like that but they do do me some good though to help me get in some major intensity's. The race start's at 1 pm. Kind of nice. You dont have to get up so early. Anyway were were of and just as usuall the pace was real high. Brock and Keith were out front and pushing the pace. Well mainly Brock, Keith was sucking his wheel most of the time. And I was sucking there wheel. I wasn't feeling the best and didn't take any rest for this race so I was just going to see how long I could last. Lap after lap Brock was doing 90% of the work. There were a few times I felt good enough to get up front and give Brock a hand but it was tuff for me to do anything. I just didn't have nothing in the legs. But I felt bad he was doing all the pulling. Going on the third lap I was impressed with myself for still being in this break of 4 of us. I think at one piont during this lap 2 single speeders caught us. I seem to be always in the back getting spit out the back when the pace went up. I managed to stay with this group intel the last lap. Brock put a hard effort on the last little climb and that was it for me. I spent the rest of the last lap in no mans land, suffering like a dog in 100 degree heat with my tail between my legs. Humility is good once in awhile. Keeps me in check. I was real happy with 4th place and felt good afterwords about my effort. And I didn't crash and hurt myself so thats always good. If everything goes good the last race I might have 4th wraped up. For this race it was all about getting in a real hard workout. In the morning before the race I did three laps of the 24 course then imediatly raced. I figure it will help me push ahrd when Im fatigued. It has worked so good so far. I think it helped me so much winning the 24 hours of Cool 2 weekends ago. Its real hard to be rested for all your races, I would love to do good at all the races but its tuff.

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