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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I got to brag yesterday

Yesterday I got to speak in front of the Soledad Chamber of Commerce. My friends are always bragging about me in some way or another. So I was ask to tell my story in front of the town peers. At first I thought why, I'm nobody special. But after speaking in front of everybody I know have the answer why? It was real cool to have this opportunity to do something like this. It was even very motivating for me as it was to the group I spoke to. It wasn't a very big group but I feel I did make an impact on a few people. Whether it would be to exercise more or even to start exercising, and also maybe eat a little healthier. I was so nervous talking, my lip kept on twitching while I was up there. I could even see it with my eye's when I kind of looked down. But like I said it gave me a lot of motivation to keep doing what I have been. I didn't realize I could have that much influence on people. There were a couple of people I knew in there so they could elaborate on some of the crazy and insane stuff that I do. Like when I'm riding weather it is raining or snowing. The times people see me riding at night or in the wee ours of the morning. Also it has made me feel a lot better about what I have accomplished in the last few years. I really don't get to see that to much because I'm always focused on today or the next few day's on how I am going to squeeze in those extra few hours of training. I got to meet some really nice people too. Also I am motivated to maybe even speak at some high schools when things cool down on the training and racing. Plus I was invited to speak to the rotary club sometime soon. Again I can't believe how motivated I am.
Training has going good again, slow but expected. I was worried over the weekend about my fitness. I'm not sure why I get so worried. It was only a week after my 24 hour race. Its not like I'm superman or spider man or any other super hero. So I'm glad I got things in perspective here. I don't think it would be real productive to be hitting big volume so soon anyway, although would be nice. Maybe next week if I feel better. I've been sleeping and eating a lot. I did get to see the new spider man movie this weekend so that was cool. It even felt like a date with my wife. She was happy to get to spend so much time with me as I was also happy to have that quality time with her. Although I find it Ironic/funny sometimes when we get to spend so much time together I really don't think we know how to handle all that time together, since most the time we are together I'm either asleep or racing. And vacation are hole other funny topic.
So I will see how I feel in the upcoming weeks as to how my training will go. I am looking forward to the Yuri Huaswald and Brian battle. Since he did win the overall last year I will definitely give him a run for his money.

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