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Thursday, May 24, 2007

New jersey's comming in

So I have been working hard on wanting to do something special for all support I get from my sponors. From product to racer support on discount product. So I enclosed a picture of what they will look like. I put an order in yesterday so should see them in a couple of weeks. They look so sweet and the company I have been working with has been so helpful in getting it the way I want. Thanks ZAAVY! The price was right too.

The pic on the left is the front and the back is on the right. A lot of work went into these. Let me know what you think?


Ed said...

what's up brian,looks cool is it going to be all white or a diffrent color?Other yhan that I'd run with it!hey,how about a jeresy with Pamala andersen size boobs?Ha ha ha...Just kidding see ya Ed

Anonymous said...

Look nice Brian,I can't wait to see it when you get it.And I can't wait to get mind too, So i can wear it and pretend like FASTER and like animal,LOL...