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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Please help me( what my body is saying)

SO last week after adding up the hours in training it scared me. I tend not to keep track because I have been trying to be just happy what I can do these day's and focus on quality stuff and not get buried into someone else training program and stick to what I can handle and not what everybody else is doing. I do this because I get so caught up in everybody else's shit I forget about my own. If you think about who knows what kind of life there living, if they work full time or what ever is. Than when I'm not pulling the hours I start to push harder and dig myself a hole, and the benefits of training diminish instead of moving forward I go backwards. SO I have been just focusing on what I can do or what I can handle, with the full time job, wife, and pets. I'm still on the high end of the hours but train smarter. Also this year I have really focused on my mental aspect of training and racing, weather its stupid shit. What I mean is sometimes I focus on thinking that I'm fast, Strong and can do this. Well it seems better and makes more sense when I think about it. I just try and focus on positive thing about what I do and what I can accomplish. Also getting away from results, although they are nice to win but just focusing on finishing strong and not worrying about where I place but just feel good that I don't get hurt or just finish strong. I can remember a few times last year I got so caught up in my result that I got depressed a few times for not placing real well. Then I would go home and drill myself into the ground in order to get better but my results were still shity. And it seemed I was going in reverse. So I really believe my mental aspect is getting better. I just try and have fun out there and not get to caught up in the racing part or results part. Not saying I still don't drill myself, I just don't drill myself 10 feet into the ground, only 5 feet know. Its easier to dig myself out there. For example this weekend was long. ON Sunday I did a nice 3 hour ride, 1 hour swim, ! hour bike, 2 hour run, 1 hour bike. Without resting at all in between. And a lot of tempo work. I worked out monday morning but took the afternoon, tuesday and wednesday morning off. SO today I feel really good and strong and not injured.
I feel really good coming into my 24 mountain biker ace on June 9th. 2.5 weeks. I will start to imagine my laps and what I'm going to do and it and all the scenarios I can think off. I got some new strategy's on my eating and have been hitting my nutrition needs on all my workouts. So feel really confident with everything.
I will start another build up for one more week. I have to work on Saturday so will hit the miles on Sunday and Monday then focus on getting all healed up and ready.

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