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Friday, May 25, 2007

One of the greatest thing about the internet is informatin. You can pretty much find anthing your looking for. I have so much info on nutrition and training, and keep finding new stuff on a weekley base.
The reason I say this is because I think everybody can gain something from changing what they eat. Wheather it be what you eat or where it came from. ANd if you are anybody who knows me Im very particular on what I will put in my body. WHen going on vacations I will call near by resturaunts and find out what kind of oils they use to cook with. Or if they use organic foods. Its hard to eat totally organic foods but I try real hard and feel real good about it. With so many people geting diabeties these day's and they have no clye to why> I believe its the food you eat. One of the big main killers is partially hydrogenated oils. If this is in your diet that's bad. This type of oil when going through your blood stream it will attached itself to the walls of your veins. And will intern give you high blood pressure. Another killer is sugar. There is just to much sugar in every body's diet. When I go home from work and the school kids are walking home 90 % of the kids either drinking soda's or eating chips and I cream. Its just sad.

As far as training and stuff goes there are a few sight I love to read. So much good information on training and racing. Gordo Byn is and endurance athlete that has started out like me, overweight, ate unhealthy and started training/racing at the age of 30 or so. Same with me. Then got into endurance training/racing and doing the longer events. Anyway he has always got something good to say about it. Here's his blog. Check it out. I always find something good in there. I know he's a triathlete but were all out for the same thing, do go faster. Also check out Mark Allen online website, on the bottom if the page is some good info. Its what I have been following this season. Pretty basic stuff. But that's what I read.

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